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The Fire Safety Stick – The Worlds Smallest & Longest Lasting Fire Extinguisher

The Fire Safety Stick is a totally new Fire Extinguisher that every vehicle, office, garage or home should have! It weighs far less than a conventional fire extinguisher and can operate for much longer. And best of all, it works on ANY fire with NO residue left behind after use.

Environmentally friendly, it can be safely stored for easy access in an emergency. Then the Fire Safety Stick will help you to contain a fire, preventing it from becoming a threat to life or property. In fact, for enclosed fires, you can activate the Fire Safety Stick, leave it inside to extinguish the fire, as you get out to safety.

Unlike conventional extinguishers, it needs no servicing, refilling, checks or maintenance and has no expiry date. No danger from pressurised containers which can explode or malfunction. Store the Fire Safety Stick in an easily accessible place ready for use. Strike the activator and point the nozzle at the base of the flames to smother the fire at its core. It’s so easy a child could do it!

The Fire Safety Stick is better than a traditional fire extinguisher in every way.

  • SMALL & LIGHT –  Approximately 35mm x 280mm weighing from only 170g.
  • NO RESIDUE & NO MESS – e.g. no additional damage to engine, surfaces, equipment, bodywork or furniture.
  • ALL MAJOR FIRES – A, B, C, Electrical & F – no trying to guess whether it’s the right type of extinguisher to use.
  • LASTS LONGER  – 25 or 50 seconds compared to just 12 seconds for a 3.5kg dry powder extinguisher.
  • SAFE & EASY – once activated, one handed use. Totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • NO MAINTENANCE – no checks or servicing required – 10 years’ proven shelf life.
  • NATO – Approval for use within NATO Forces.
  • CE MARKED – CE Declaration of conformity

Could you protect your Caterham in the case of a fire?

Do you spend hundreds – or thousands – of pounds on improving or pampering your pride and joy? Do you enhance its performance with upgrades and new parts? The answer is most likely YES! But have you ever thought about protecting it – and the occupants – from a fire?
*According to Home Office statistics, there were 21,931 vehicle fires in England 2018–2019.

Your pride and joy cannot be easily replaced by insurance. If the worst happens and an electrical or fuel fire occurs, do you have the means to extinguish it safely and quickly without putting yourself at risk?

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your Caterham – if so when was it last serviced?

Having spoken to so many owners, it seems many know they need to carry an extinguisher but very few ensure they are serviced every year. Just checking that little pressure gauge is not enough either as the O-rings can perish over time. Imagine that crucial moment when you need that extinguisher and find out it doesn’t work.

The Fire Safety Stick is totally different and not like any extinguisher you have seen before. Firstly is incredibly small and light, weighing in at just under 300grams. And yet, even the smallest model has more than double the discharge time a 3.5kg powder extinguisher has. Plus, it needs NO servicing whatsoever. In fact, it’s proven to have a life cycle of at least 10 years and is likely to be much more.

Protect what’s most important to you from just £44.95!

It’s so simple to use, you don’t even have to be in the room once it has been activated.


Another great feature of the Fire Safety Stick is depending on the size of the fire, capacity of the stick and size of the room, you can activate the stick and instead of fighting the fire yourself, simply leave it in the room, closing the door. The Fire Safety Stick will continue to emit its active molecules and suppress the fire accordingly.

In the unfortunate event of a motorhome, caravan or camper van fire you could activate the Fire Safety Stick and leave it in the vehicle without putting yourself at risk.

Whats in the box?

1 x Fire Safety Stick (either 25s or 50s)
1 x Mounting bracket

Product Information

25s Fire Safety Stick
Discharge time: 25 seconds
Size: 35 x 280mm
Weight: 170g
Maintenance: None
Warranty: 3 Years
Shelf life: 10 Years+
Fire Classification: A,B,C,F Electrical

50s Fire Safety Stick
Discharge time: 50 seconds
Size: 35 x 280mm
Weight: 215g
Maintenance: None
Warranty: 3 Years
Shelf life: 10 Years+
Fire Classification: A,B,C,F Electrical

‘There is nothing more capable or versatile in the UK, making it unique in the marketplace.’

Don’t take just our word for it, have a look at the video that Jay Leno made for the Fire Safety Stick in the USA (In the North America and Canada territories, Fire safety Stick is marketed as Element Fire).


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  1. Peter (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Perfect size for a small campervan and no expiry date.

  2. alan Reeves (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    I wanted a minimally intrusive fire retardant extinguisher . The fire stick is small and suits the requirements of sitting a little Caterham 7

  3. Stuart Sutherland (verified owner)

    gbCornwall, United Kingdom

    Small and light, perfect.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    A well designed, neat, safety product.

  5. Ondrej (verified owner)


    Haven’t used yet. In fact hope will never have to. Small and light. Perfect to carry onboard.

  6. Ian P. (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Great device, small and looks easy to use. Not had to use it yet and hope that I never have to but a reassurance to know I have it.

  7. Kingsley Young (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Can’t believe the size of it to be so powerful.

  8. Colin Hudson (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    This was just what I was looking for – a fire extinguisher that is light, effective and does not leave a mess. I hope I never have to use it but I am very glad to have one in the Caterham and another in our Airstream trailer.

  9. David Evans (verified owner)

    gbUnited Kingdom

    First class product, I bought 4, two for the cars and another two for the house entrance hall and kitchen. I like fact that they are slim and neat in design and do not have to be inspected annually. Unusual way of operation which is by striking the end cover against the top exposed section … just like striking a match. Another quality product from JAL.

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Fire Safety Stick

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