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The PRO-COM headset is a self contained, self powered headset that has been designed communication, music and telephone calls in high noise environments.

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The JAL PRO-COM headset is the perfect way to communicate, listen to music and take telephone calls whilst driving your Caterham 7.

The PRO-COM headset is a self contained, self powered headset that has been designed for high noise environments. It offers state of the art electronic noise filtering coupled together with an extremely high-quality noise cancelling microphone.

Headsets can be worn on their own or simply plug two together for two way intercom. You will be able to hear and transmit clear signals even in the harshest environment.

PRO-COM – No other headset has all of these features:

  • Microphone: Aviation/military grade waterproof electronic noise cancelling mic with flexible boom and large sponge wind muff.
  • Sound Quality:  Superb high quality stereo sound.
  • Comfort: Headset does not squeeze your head and has been designed for hours of constant use.
  • Ear Defenders: Twin skinned super soft gel ear defenders that cut out up to 3 times more ambient noise than other headsets.
  • Side Tone:  Side Tone is a feature where some of your own voice is fed back into your headset and gives you an indication that your microphone is working, how loud you are speaking and that your call is connected. This eliminates the need to shout and transmits a clear audio transmission.
  • PMR – Private Mobile Radio: Designed to work with virtually any PMR radio. Also allows the use of 2 PMR radios at once.
  • Muting circuit: If you are listening to music, telephone or second radio and the MASTER radio receives a signal then the other devices will automatically mute.
  • Tandem Intercom: Connect two JAL PRO-COM headsets together for tandem use as a driver to passenger intercom. No need for a separate intercom box.
  • Bluetooth: Available in both Bluetooth, (for music and telephone calls), and Non-Bluetooth versions.
  • Ease of Use:  PTT (Push To Talk) and digital volume dial built onto the headset.
  • Rechargeable Battery: 60+ hours battery life (typically 100 hours) using NiMh battery packs (no memory effect).

Optional accessories

  • Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable: Used to connect two JAL PRO-COM headsets for driver to passenger intercom.
  • Quick Release PMR Cable: Allows the PMR cable to be removed when not in use (as shown in the product pictures).
  • Line out sound recording cable: Allows connection of an audio recorder (GoPro etc).
  • Second PMR radio cable:  Allows connection of a second PMR radio to the headset using the locking bayonet.
  • Remote PTT button: A mountable separate PTT button.
  • Soft carry case

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x PRO-COM Headset – Bluetooth Version
  • 1 x PMR Cable – Fixed (there is an option to make this cable removable. If required then please also add this option to your order)
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Instructions

Not sure what you need? Try our PRO-COM System Builder


PRO-COM – Quality is the driving force. 

As with all things there are cheap and high-end headsets on the market today. One of the main reasons some headsets can seem expensive is the quality of the components used. For example, the microphone used on a PRO-COM headset costs upwards of £65 + VAT on it’s own! It’s expensive, but the performance and build quality are exceptional.

You can buy cheap microphones for a few pounds, but they will give you poor audio quality that you can barely hear. A PRO-COM microphone is tuned to perfection, plus it is waterproof and has anti-popping circuitry.

Like many microphones the PRO-COM features noise cancelling technology, but we’ve gone one better with the addition of NRC – Noise Reducing Circuitry. This ensures that the PRO-COM produces high quality audio in the harshest environments.

So, can you just fit a good microphone on a cheap headset? Afraid not, you also need really good speakers. PRO-COM speakers are titanium coated and use the highest quality diaphragms, together with many other features they always re-produce excellent audio.

These are just a few examples of components used in a JAL PRO-COM headset.

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If you have any questions regarding JAL PRO-COM headset then please use the ‘Product Enquiry’ tab or Contact us.

18 reviews for PRO-COM Headset – Bluetooth

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  1. Edward Ormerod (verified owner)

    Doug was very knowledgeable and helpful when selecting the right kit and customer service is first class!!

  2. Carew W. (verified owner)

    Hi quality audio and microphone, excellent noise attenuation, features as described. I am very pleased.

  3. Les D. (verified owner)

    these headsets are fantastic. The sound is clear and external noise is almost completely excluded. However they are expensive.

  4. Mike Huntley (verified owner)


  5. richard malley (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Excellent headset – my wife and I can now talk whilst driving (not necessarily a good thing!)

  6. Mike Bullock (verified owner)

    I ordered the PRO-COM Bluetooth headset, PRO-COM Non-Bluetooth headset, connecting cable and carry-bags for this years Taffia Fish and Chip run and on receiving the items I was immediately impressed with the quality of the products.
    Excellent assistance too from Doug during the ordering process – the items were packaged well and delivered promptly.
    The instructions for setting up the headsets were clear and concise and it’s straightforward to link the headsets together with the optional cable. Bluetooth connection to my phone was also enabled in a matter of seconds.
    On the road, my father and I were very impressed with the comfort and sound quality of the headsets – no need to shout at each other – our voices came through clearly with no distortion from the wind. Navigation instructions from the sat-nav on my bluetooth-connected phone also came through very clearly. I haven’t tried music yet (I prefer the sound of the car) and I haven’t tested out how the headphones behave when a call comes through to a connected phone but everything we’ve used the headsets for up to now has worked perfectly. 🙂
    Thanks again to Doug for his assistance and first class customer service.

  7. Neil Ramsey (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Great product, used it for the first time this weekend, on a 3hr trip back from Caterham Fish & Chip run in Wales. Great product, cut out the loud road noise meant I could hear the sat navigation directions, speak on the mobile and talk with my passenger

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Not used full functionality yet. Used with intercom cable – very clear speech

  9. john r. (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Comfortable and the sound quality is great. Really clear for business calls from the B road. Super happy

    Image #1 from john r.
  10. Richard H (verified owner)

    Spent ages researching the best communications system for my Caterham & eventually settled on the JAL ProCom – Bluetooth & Non-Bluetooth headsets with the connecting cable, a cable for my existing radio & a couple of headset cases. I haven’t been disappointed – it’s an excellent system!
    I used it on a trip down to Le Mans & then on a 2000 mile trip around Europe. It was great being able to easily chat with my passenger without shouting & then being told “What did you say”! It is easy to change the setting so that you don’t even have to press the button on the ear casing when you want to talk. Being able to clearly instructions from the phone SatNav is very useful. The most amazing thing, though, is listening to music & talk radio whilst driving a Caterham! – a slightly bizarre experience :). Inevitably, I sometimes find myself on a boring dual-carriageway or motorway & music makes the journey almost feel civilised :).
    I also connect my Boafeng radio when blatting with friends.
    I’d recommend the headset cases – as they make storing the headsets & cables a lot easier, & they prevent the mic boom catching on things when not in use.
    Like all JAL products they seem to be well made & designed, & Doug is great & swift at dealing with questions.
    A definite recommendation from me.

  11. Phil Day (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Had several different headsets in the seven. Nothing compares to how good these are. Best purchase I have made

  12. nick (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Super Headphones.

  13. PAUL A. (verified owner)

    gbScotland, United Kingdom

    Excellent – exactly as wanted

  14. Robert Oldland (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    I have tried many in car communication solutions, this is the best. So simple to just connect via a single lead to your PMR radio and wireless Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone. The sound quality is exceptional, both audio in-ear for voice and/or music, but also from the microphone even with the windscreen removed and using the aeroscreen. This is a premium, quality product which will provide me with many year’s of enjoyment.

  15. Martin L. (verified owner)

    gbUnited Kingdom

    Doug was super helpful and knowledgeable. Product absolutely met the brief I gave him. After weeks of research and unhelpful phone calls Doug was a breath of fresh air. Up front, honest straightforward. Didn’t promise more than he would deliver. Highly recommend

  16. steve wain (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Really nice quality product very simple to se up and good sound

  17. wouter Garré (verified owner)

    beFlanders, Belgium

    The Headset is really F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! To all Caterham owners and 7 enthousiatics, buy this headphone and lift your ride in your toy to the next level. First you protect your ears from wind noise. I ride also a motorbike and then it is common to wear ear protection. I plan to drive the Caterham to France, Italy, Spain,…you really need earprotection. Even on shorter trips you must protect your ears. You cannot imagine the damage you do to your ears. Second when you put on your headphone there is the calmness that overwhelms you. All little noises from your car, and in a Caterham there are a lot, are away! You hear your engine sound in a smooth and pleasant way.
    On top of this with the bluetooth function you can listen to spotify or the radio or your own playlist. You enjoy your ride even more. There is a phonecall? No problem: with your hands on your steeringwheel the headset takes automatically your call. You can hear very clearly and also the caller can understand you very good, even at high speed. Unbelievable better then in my car. The caller hangs up and the headset turns again to radio, playlist,…
    Last but not least, in my case, I protect my self from taking a cold. I am very sensitive for this. because your ears are always covered, there is no wind, cold or not, that enters your ears and can provoce health problems.
    It is also very easy to set the volume. Luckily the producers of the headset put a real turningknob to set the volume. No digital pushers. Much easier to set while driving!
    You think the price is high: it is absolute NOT. Every penny worth!

  18. Scott G. (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    I have used the JAL PRO-COM Bluetooth headset whilst blatting in my Caterham both with full screen and aeroscreen. The outstanding feature of the headset is the simplicity, easy set up out of the box, plug into my Baofeng PMR, switch on and go. The mobile phone integration pairs seamlessly and voice quality across the radio or phone is very good.
    Other positives include: Great build quality and robust components; I liked the portability, and no need to leave in the car when parked up; the headset fits well and remains secure even when blatting at speed.
    There are a couple minor negatives: Wind noise when blatting enthusiastically with aero screen and half doors is noticeable to others on the channel, although I’m yet to try a headset where this is not the case. A thicker windsock or muffler may resolve this? With the Caterham windscreen and side screens fitted there is minimal wind noise. I’d also add the PTT extension cable rather than use the PTT button on the headphone as I prefer to keep my hand near the gear lever and steering wheel.
    In summary, a great product and well worth considering if you are looking for a comms kit for car to car chat, or simply for phone and music integration whilst on the move.

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The minimum you need is a PRO-COM headset. Our system is modular so you can expand the system at a later date. Unlike other systems, you do not have to buy everything at once.

You have two choices of PRO-COM headset:

  1. PRO-COM – Bluetooth – self contained, self powered headset that has built in Bluetooth for PMR communication, music and telephone calls.
  2. PRO-COM Non Bluetooth – self contained, self powered headset for PMR communication.

PRO-COM headsets can also be used as a driver to passenger intercom, using the optional Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable.

We recommend the PRO-COM Bluetooth as your first purchase as this offers the most functionality and is typically worn by the driver. Passengers headsets can be purchased later, (if required), and you have the choice of either Bluetooth or Non Bluetooth depending on the functions you require.

The PRO-COM headset is a self contained, self powered headset. There are NO wires to install into your car. Simply connect your phone to the headset via Bluetooth for music and calls and you’re good to go. If you’re using a PMR radio then simply connect via the supplied wire.

Every aspect of a PRO-COM system is totally independent of your car. Therefore you can jump from car to car without the need to adjust or setup anything.

The PRO-COM headset has been designed for high noise environments. It offers state of the art electronic noise filtering coupled together with an extremely high-quality noise cancelling microphone. You will be able to hear and transmit clear signals even in the loudest environment.

See a video example of the communication quality at 60/70mph here.

When paired to your phone via Bluetooth, music and telephone calls can be heard in the headset. Telephone calls will be automatically answered by the headset within 2 rings. You can then talk on the phone normally. If music is playing, then the music is temporarily muted whilst the telephone call takes place.

Sidetone is a feature that allows you to hear your own voice in the headset as you speak into the microphone. If your ears are covered, you will be prone to speaking louder than necessary; hearing your own voice in the speaker mitigates this and allows for clearer communication.

All PRO-COM headsets feature Sidetone as standard.

A full charge will provide 60+ hours battery life (typically 100 hours) using NiMh battery packs (no memory effect). Max charging time is 20hrs but you can part charge as required.

The Quick Release PMR Cable allows the PMR cable to be completely removed from the headset when not in use. This is ideal for users that do not often use a PMR radio.

As standard the PMR radio cable is fixed to the left hand ear cup and this upgrade adds an extra twist lock connector to the ear cup plus a separate PMR radio cable (with twist lock) is also supplied.

You simply connect the two headsets together using the Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable. This is by far the easiest and most reliable method of communication. There are two ways of using the intercom:

  1. The PTT (Push To Talk) buttons on each headset allow the driver and passenger to communicate clearly with each other.
  2. Constant communication without the need to push the PTT button.

Unlike other headsets there is no need for an additional intercom box.

YES – The PRO-COM headset has been designed to work with virtually any PMR radio. Simply tell us the make & model of your radio when ordering and we will ensure the correct PMR cable is supplied.

I don’t have a PMR radio – There are many radios on the market today from cheap to very expensive. JAL recommends the Wouxun KG-UV86 dual-band transceiver. It’s a great all-rounder, it has been carefully selected and tested to be a perfect match with a PRO-COM headset.

I occasionally use a PMR radio – As standard the PMR cable is fixed to the headset. However, if you only use a PMR radio occasionally then you may want to consider the Quick Release PMR Cable. This allows the PMR cable to be removed when not in use.

I never use a PMR radio – You have two options:

1. Select the Quick Release PMR Cable so the PMR cable can be removed when not in use, (you never know if you might want it in the future).

2. Contact us and we can arrange for the PMR cable to be permanently removed from the headset before shipping.

YES – as long as both headsets are connected using the Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable. Example: A Bluetooth headset can connect to a phone for music. The music will also be played to any connected PRO-COM headset (Bluetooth or Non-Bluetooth). The volumes are controlled independently on each headset.

Alternately, if you have two PRO-COM Bluetooth headsets then you can connect to two phones and listen to music independently.

Each PRO-COM headset has a built in digital rotary volume control on the right ear cup. If two headsets are connected via the Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable then each headsets volume is controlled independently.

The PRO-COM headset has been designed to produce high quality music. It is recommended that the sound source (i.e. phone, PMR etc), volume should be kept high and the headset volume should be low.

PMR  (Private Mobile Radio) – are person-to-person two-way radio voice communications systems which use portable, mobile radios. 

PTT  (Push To Talk ) – is a method of having conversations or talking on PMR (Private Mobile Radio), using a push button to transmit.

Additional information

PRO-COM Headset Type

Bluetooth, Non-Bluetooth

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