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Brand: Zirconite



The ZIRCONITE Car Care Kit contains 6 products and represents great value for money. This pack is the perfect first step into the world of professional car detailing products. From wash products to wheel cleaning, you’ll have everything at you need to get started.

ZIRCONITE Car Care Kit includes the following:

  • 1 × ZIRCONITE Shampoo RRP £12.99: Luxurious shampoo, cleans and preserves paintwork, shines in one easy action.
  • 1 x ZIRCONITE Microfibre Wash Mitt RRP £14.95: 100% split varied length polyester strands are perfect for contaminant capture and release. Combined with its inner foam core that retains a very high volume of wash solution and durable construction, this product is the pinnacle in wash mitt technology.
  • 1 x ZIRCONITE Microfibre Cloth x 5 RRP £8.99: High performance micro-fibre polishing cloths for rapid action enhanced polishing/buffing. Non-scratch, lint free. Washable.
  • 1 × ZIRCONITE Alloy Wheel Cleaner RRP £16.95: Specially formulated clinging-gel-foaming wheel cleaner, for fast and efficient removal of burnt-on black break dust from lacquered alloy, painted steel and plastic wheel trims.
  • 1 × ZIRCONITE Glass Cleaner RRP £14.99: Fast & easy action – spray on & wipe clean. Leaves glass and mirrors gleaming.
  • 1 × ZIRCONITE See-Clear Hydrophobic Windscreen Treatment RRP £5.99: Rain drops bead up and fall away, giving you a clear view and improving your driving visibility during harsh weather conditions.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 × ZIRCONITE Shampoo 500ml
  • 1 x ZIRCONITE Microfibre Wash Mitt
  • 1 x ZIRCONITE Microfibre Cloth x 5
  • 1 × ZIRCONITE Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml Trigger Spray
  • 1 × ZIRCONITE Glass Cleaner 500ml Trigger Spray
  • 1 × ZIRCONITE See-Clear Hydrophobic Windscreen Treatment 100ml



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About Zirconite

ZirconiteUtilising advanced technologies – from nano coatings to ceramic protection, all Zirconite Paint, Fabric and Leather products apply an invisible coating to treated surfaces which enhance appearance and protect without altering the OEM finish.

The Zirconite aftercare range from Just Add Lightness is the ideal choice for maintaining the appearance of your car. Every surface can be cleaned with their range of professional grade detailing products.


Zirconite products are designed, formulated (from raw materials), manufactured, bottled and labelled right here in GB.  Quality assurance and consistency for their professional and consumer users is paramount.

They are ISO Accredited, SGS Certified and have 35 years manufacturing business experience.  This ensures that you get only the BEST products to clean and protect your vehicle.

Zirconite were chosen by The British Motor Show as the official Car Care Product Partner of 2021.

Zirconite – Professional Results – Everyday Use



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