ZIRCONITE Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Brand: Zirconite


ZIRCONITE Microfibre Wash Mitt

DURABLE WASH MITT: Microfibre Wash Mitt has optimal glide, and its 100% split varied length polyester strands are perfect for contaminant capture and release. Combined with its inner foam core that retains a very high volume of wash solution and durable construction, this product is the pinnacle in wash mitt technology.

MINIMISE SWIRL MARKS: The Wash Mitt allows you to wash, clean and detail any surface with ease, thanks to its ultra-low friction glide characteristics. It’s designed to hold a maximum volume of soap suds, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

POWER OF MICROFIBRE: Microfibre contains more than 200,000 fibres per inch of fabric and absorbs up to 7x its amount of weight in water. This makes it a much more effective and efficient cleansing and absorbing cloth than almost any other cloth available!

ECO-FRIENDLY: Microfibre is both highly durable and re-usable, meaning it is just as eco-friendly as it is effective. Never worry about buying another multi-use cloth, or disposable cloths ever again as this Microfibre Wash Mitt is both easy on the environment and your wallet

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Zirconite Microfiber Wash Mitt

Please note that all microfibre products should be washed separately without fabric softener and dried on the low setting.


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ZirconiteThe Zirconite aftercare range is the ideal choice for maintaining the appearance of your car. Every surface can be cleaned with their range of professional grade detailing products.

Zirconite products are designed, formulated from raw materials, manufactured, bottled and labelled right here in GB for quality assurance and consistency for their professional and consumer users. This ensures via their ISO Accredited, SGS Certified and 35 year old manufacturing business experience, that you get only the BEST products to clean and protect your vehicle.

Zirconite were chosen by The British Motor Show as the official Car Care Product Partner of 2021.

Zirconite – when only the best will do!


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