ZIRCONITE Fall Out Remover and Wheel Cleaner

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ZIRCONITE Fall Out Remover and Wheel Cleaner

Acid-free, colour changing pH neutral, paintwork and Exterior de-contaminant, fallout remover and wheel cleaner.

  • Colour changing formulation delivers a powerful, safe and effective cleaning resulting in a high gloss finish.
  • Cleans and removes brake dust and iron oxide particulates (Industrial Fall-Out).
  • Colour changing action occurs during the cleaning/decontamination process – changing from Clear to Dark Purple.
  • Efficiently removes rust – iron oxide.
  • Multi-surface safe: can be used on all vehicle exterior surfaces: paintwork, plastics, glass, chrome etc.

What is Fall Out?

Zirconite Fall Out RemoverOver time, paint can become contaminated with “fallout”. Contamination. Airborne metal shavings from the brake pads and discs of cars, trucks, buses on the road can embed themselves into your soft paintwork. When these shavings next see rain, condensation or moisture they rust and expand (rust occupies four times the space of iron).

When this happens, the paint is slowly ruptured around the embedded particle. This destroys both the aesthetic and protective qualities of the finish.

Zirconite Fall Out Remover and Wheel Cleaner has an active ingredient that forms a complex with the iron which changes its shape and structure, causing it to loosen its bond with the surface (visible by the purple colour change). The iron particles are loosened up enough to be rinsed off.

As a guide, we recommend decontaminating your vehicle with Zirconite Fall Out Remover and Wheel Cleaner 2-3 times per year. Definitely in April, ready for Summer and September so that you’re ready for Winter!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x ZIRCONITE Fall Out Remover and Wheel Cleaner 500ml trigger spray

Directions for use:

  • ZIRCONITE Fall Out Remover and Wheel Cleaner should be used in a well ventilated area.
  • Ensure all surface areas to be treated are cool and dry before applying the product.
  • Shake before use. Apply product liberally to contaminated surface areas via a trigger spray or low pressure sprayer.
  • Use a brush, sponge or wash mitt to agitate stubborn contaminated areas.
  • Allow product to dwell until colour changing action occurs (Dark Purple). Do not allow the product to dry out, as staining may occur.
  • Rinse off thoroughly at high pressure, ensuring all surface areas are free from product residues and colour.



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About Zirconite

ZirconiteUtilising advanced technologies – from nano coatings to ceramic protection, all Zirconite Paint, Fabric and Leather products apply an invisible coating to treated surfaces which enhance appearance and protect without altering the OEM finish.

The Zirconite aftercare range from Just Add Lightness is the ideal choice for maintaining the appearance of your car. Every surface can be cleaned with their range of professional grade detailing products.


Zirconite products are designed, formulated (from raw materials), manufactured, bottled and labelled right here in GB.  Quality assurance and consistency for their professional and consumer users is paramount. They are ISO Accredited, SGS Certified and have 35 years manufacturing business experience.  This ensures that you get only the BEST products to clean and protect your vehicle.

Zirconite were chosen by The British Motor Show as the official Car Care Product Partner of 2021.

For more information please see our dedicated Zirconite Protection website.

Zirconite – Professional Results – Everyday Use


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  1. Mark R. (verified owner)

    imDouglas, Isle of Man

    Like the wheel cleaner, Zirconite understands the chemical balance required to clean without being too harsh. The fall out remover is again a capable product without the ‘stink’ present in so many others. This is definitely one to keep on the shelf.

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