PRO-COM Headset Soft Carry Case

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A soft carry case, ideal for protecting your PRO-COM headset. Only suitable for headsets with the Quick Release PMR Cable.

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Brand: JAL


The PRO-COM Headset Soft Carry Case is constructed from heavy duty fabric, with tough zips, and extended polymer covered toggles. It features front and side loops allowing more accessories to be attached to the outside of the case.

The Soft Carry Case features multiple large compartments, allowing lots of items to be carried at once. Internally there are multiple pockets for carrying small items, and elasticised loops to hold tools and larger items in place. The front pocket features elasticised supports, meaning you can open the pocket and leave it open without everything falling out, making it a great storage compartment.

Please note: This case is only suitable for PRO-COM headsets with a Quick Release PMR cable.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x PRO-COM Headset Soft Carry Case (headset not included)


  • Multiple compartments
  • Internal Nylon sleeves for papers and loose Items
  • Internal Nylon loops for tools
  • Extended zip toggles for easy access with gloves
  • Elasticated front pocket to prevent items from falling out when open
  • Low profile front compartment
  • Dual press stud loops

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9 reviews for PRO-COM Headset Soft Carry Case

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  1. Simon Orr (verified owner)

    Again a good quality product that ensures your expensive and valuable headsets are safe when not in use. Highly recommended.

  2. Neil Bolton (verified owner)

    Great bag….does what you’d expect and does it well. Possibly a bit on the snug side but other than that great.

  3. Carew W. (verified owner)

    It is a carry case

  4. Mike Huntley (verified owner)


  5. richard malley (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Excellent headset – my wife and I can now talk whilst driving (not necessarily a good thing!)

  6. Neil Ramsey (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Perfect fit and easy to Cary

  7. nick (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom


  8. PAUL A. (verified owner)

    gbScotland, United Kingdom


  9. wouter Garré (verified owner)

    beFlanders, Belgium

    Very practical, with extra room for excessoires. Strong also. Many possibilities to carry. Strong advice to take out your headset of your car when leaving behind. In that case the carry case is a must.

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The minimum you need is a PRO-COM headset. Our system is modular so you can expand the system at a later date. Unlike other systems, you do not have to buy everything at once.

You have two choices of PRO-COM headset:

  1. PRO-COM – Bluetooth – self contained, self powered headset that has built in Bluetooth for PMR communication, music and telephone calls.
  2. PRO-COM Non Bluetooth – self contained, self powered headset for PMR communication.

PRO-COM headsets can also be used as a driver to passenger intercom, using the optional Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable.

We recommend the PRO-COM Bluetooth as your first purchase as this offers the most functionality and is typically worn by the driver. Passengers headsets can be purchased later, (if required), and you have the choice of either Bluetooth or Non Bluetooth depending on the functions you require.

The PRO-COM headset is a self contained, self powered headset. There are NO wires to install into your car. Simply connect your phone to the headset via Bluetooth for music and calls and you’re good to go. If you’re using a PMR radio then simply connect via the supplied wire.

Every aspect of a PRO-COM system is totally independent of your car. Therefore you can jump from car to car without the need to adjust or setup anything.

The PRO-COM headset has been designed for high noise environments. It offers state of the art electronic noise filtering coupled together with an extremely high-quality noise cancelling microphone. You will be able to hear and transmit clear signals even in the loudest environment.

See a video example of the communication quality at 60/70mph here.

When paired to your phone via Bluetooth, music and telephone calls can be heard in the headset. Telephone calls will be automatically answered by the headset within 2 rings. You can then talk on the phone normally. If music is playing, then the music is temporarily muted whilst the telephone call takes place.

Sidetone is a feature that allows you to hear your own voice in the headset as you speak into the microphone. If your ears are covered, you will be prone to speaking louder than necessary; hearing your own voice in the speaker mitigates this and allows for clearer communication.

All PRO-COM headsets feature Sidetone as standard.

A full charge will provide 60+ hours battery life (typically 100 hours) using NiMh battery packs (no memory effect). Max charging time is 20hrs but you can part charge as required.

The Quick Release PMR Cable allows the PMR cable to be completely removed from the headset when not in use. This is ideal for users that do not often use a PMR radio.

As standard the PMR radio cable is fixed to the left hand ear cup and this upgrade adds an extra twist lock connector to the ear cup plus a separate PMR radio cable (with twist lock) is also supplied.

You simply connect the two headsets together using the Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable. This is by far the easiest and most reliable method of communication. There are two ways of using the intercom:

  1. The PTT (Push To Talk) buttons on each headset allow the driver and passenger to communicate clearly with each other.
  2. Constant communication without the need to push the PTT button.

Unlike other headsets there is no need for an additional intercom box.

YES – The PRO-COM headset has been designed to work with virtually any PMR radio. Simply tell us the make & model of your radio when ordering and we will ensure the correct PMR cable is supplied.

I don’t have a PMR radio – There are many radios on the market today from cheap to very expensive. JAL recommends the Wouxun KG-UV86 dual-band transceiver. It’s a great all-rounder, it has been carefully selected and tested to be a perfect match with a PRO-COM headset.

I occasionally use a PMR radio – As standard the PMR cable is fixed to the headset. However, if you only use a PMR radio occasionally then you may want to consider the Quick Release PMR Cable. This allows the PMR cable to be removed when not in use.

I never use a PMR radio – You have two options:

1. Select the Quick Release PMR Cable so the PMR cable can be removed when not in use, (you never know if you might want it in the future).

2. Contact us and we can arrange for the PMR cable to be permanently removed from the headset before shipping.

YES – as long as both headsets are connected using the Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable. Example: A Bluetooth headset can connect to a phone for music. The music will also be played to any connected PRO-COM headset (Bluetooth or Non-Bluetooth). The volumes are controlled independently on each headset.

Alternately, if you have two PRO-COM Bluetooth headsets then you can connect to two phones and listen to music independently.

Each PRO-COM headset has a built in digital rotary volume control on the right ear cup. If two headsets are connected via the Driver to Passenger Intercom Cable then each headsets volume is controlled independently.

The PRO-COM headset has been designed to produce high quality music. It is recommended that the sound source (i.e. phone, PMR etc), volume should be kept high and the headset volume should be low.

PMR  (Private Mobile Radio) – are person-to-person two-way radio voice communications systems which use portable, mobile radios. 

PTT  (Push To Talk ) – is a method of having conversations or talking on PMR (Private Mobile Radio), using a push button to transmit.

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