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Advanced super-hydrophobic coating, developed to maintain and enhance the magical water beading effect of paint finish coatings
Extends and enhances gloss level and durability of paint finish coatings.

Delivers enhanced water-sheeting/hydrophobic properties with dramatic nano “Lotus-leaf” effect. incredible high -slip finish, repels water and dirt build-up while boosting scratch and abrasion resistance.

A fast curing easy to use protective coating for rapid sealing of most exterior surfaces: Paint, Glass, Plastic Trim, Wheels – cures in 10 minutes.

Long Lasting – 6-months protection

ZIRCONITE Bead-Magik – Advanced Super Hydrophobic Coating

Zirconite Bead-Magik

  • Ultimate in beading: Advanced super-hydrophobic
    Nano Polysiloxane coating, developed to maintain and
    enhance the dramatic and magical ‘Lotus-Leaf’ water
    beading effect of Zirconite paint finish coatings.
  • Incredible high-slip finish: Repels water and dirt
    build up.
  • Durable: Boosts scratch and abrasion resistance.
  • Rapid curing: protective coating for rapid sealing of
    most exterior surfaces: Paint, Glass, Plastic Trim, Wheels – cures within 10 minutes!
  • Long lasting: Typical durability 6 – 9 months.
  • Easy to use: for both the professional and detailing

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x  ZIRCONITE Bead-Magik 300ml

Directions for use:

  • Ensure surface is clean and dry.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray sparingly directly onto surface.
  • Wipe over using a clean dry ZIRCONITE Micro-fibre Detailing Cloth
    ensuring an even coating.
  • Turn cloth and buff immediately to a high gloss shine.
  • Keep out of rain for 15 minutes after application.




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ZirconiteThe Zirconite aftercare range is the ideal choice for maintaining the appearance of your car. Every surface can be cleaned with their range of professional grade detailing products.

Zirconite products are designed, formulated from raw materials, manufactured, bottled and labelled right here in GB for quality assurance and consistency for their professional and consumer users. This ensures via their ISO Accredited, SGS Certified and 35 year old manufacturing business experience, that you get only the BEST products to clean and protect your vehicle.

Zirconite were chosen by The British Motor Show as the official Car Care Product Partner of 2021.

Zirconite – when only the best will do!



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